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Martin Müller-Butz


Martin Müller-Butz

Originating from a trinational area between Saxony, Czech and Poland I am glad to be part of a very unique project in transnational Pomerania which aim will be to inspire and activate people through culture and art. I have been working as a coordinator in several international projects on cross-border culture and education within the region. Being an author, historian and political scientist (graduate of the University of Jena, abroad study in Cracow et al.) with working experiences in Jena, Cracow, Warsaw and New York I am highly interested in the interrelations of German, Polish and Russian history during 20th century as well as in theories and practises of participation, visual and digital culture, democratization and intersectionality (see e.g. my monograph Blicke zurück nach Osten). Public (and digital) relations, event management, translations and further organisational issues will be topics of my work within the project.
Languages: German, Polish, English, Russian